Resistance Band Moves To Sculpt Your Shoulders

All you need for this workout today is a resistance band. In fact, since we are targeting small muscle groups, it is wiser to go lighter and really feel the tension, so you know you’re working the correct area. Take the time to perfect your form and you will find yourself stronger than ever when you hit those dumbbells again. These 3 simple shoulder moves can be done anywhere, anytime!  1. Lateral raise – single side 2. Rear Delt Fly 3. Front Raise – single side

1. Lateral raise – single side

  1. Step on the resistance band firmly to set it in place
  2. Bring the resistance band out to your side
  3. Make sure that you’re squeezing your shoulder 
shoulders lateral raise with a band

2. Rear Delt Fly

  1. Bring your resistance band to chest level
  2. Stretch the rubber band to the sides and squeeze the back of your shoulders to focus on the rear delts
  3. Remember to keep your core engaged and squeeze your legs for extra stability

3. Front Raise – single side

  1. Again, step on the resistance band so it is securely in place
  2. Bring your arm out to the front
  3. As you bring the handle to the front, you want to squeeze the front of your shoulder
  4. Remember to control on the way down!

Give these a try at home either as an isolated shoulder day or as part of your upper body routine.

Prefer to watch a video? Here’s the full workout!

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