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What are protein fillers?

The basic way of explaining what fillers are is they are cheap unnecessary added ingredients.

Fillers are usually added to bulk up a protein powder and save money for the manufacturer. Some fillers include ingredients such as coconut flour, artificial sweeteners and milk powders which can cause gastric distress such as bloating, constipation and reflux in people who are susceptible to digestive issues.

Some examples are:


Even if you are not gluten intolerant, this ingredient can cause inflammation throughout the body when consumed regularly. It also could lead to hormonal imbalances, fatigue, mood swings and skin outbreaks. It can be easily avoided so why risk it.


You may have seen this name before on powdered supplements and food labels, carrageenan is actually extracted for seaweed, but it is definitely one ingredient you don’t want all the time. It is used for its ability to make foods thick and creamy eg. ice-cream and yogurt. Even though it is used in many foods, studies have discovered regular intake can cause intestinal lesions, ulcers and inflammation. So again skip it if you can!

Artificial Sweeteners 

Seeing things like ‘low sugar’, ‘Low Carb’ and ‘Sugar free’ seem great when you’re buying your protein but have you ever thought how they are still sweet and taste so good!. Its most likely dangerous artificial sweeteners, some to look closely for are sucralose, aspartame, dextrose and glucose. Also look for hidden sugar alcohols like maltitol and sorbitol. Some good ones to look out for and consume are organic sugars like honey, cane sugar, agave and all natural stevia.

These are just a few easy fillers to look out for there are MANY more out there but my advice is to just read the ingredients and if there is any you are unsure about do your research!

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